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We are very quick

Average time of document check is 0,75 minutes. When average document is 20 pages and consists of 10% plagiarism.

We are accurate

If a paper has plagiarism, we give you 98% guarantee we will find it. The accuracy of finding all plagiarism cases in document is 87%. These stats are a result of our calculations, done in january of 2019

Strict safety standards

We know you care about safety of your documents. You want it to be undetectable for other plagiarism detectors. That was the first thing we thought about when creating this plagiarism checker. Personal data and copyrights are regulated strictly according European Union laws.

Wide comparative database

Our plagiarism checker covers more than 70 scientific databases, like Science.gov, ScienceOpen, SpringerLink, Google Scholar, JSTOR, ScienceDirect etc. More than 3 000 000 000 sources are ready to be compared to your paper.

Good cost pricing

We make money from selling antiplagiarism software licences. No ads, only hard work on catching plagiarism. This means we offer lower prices, but all our services are paid. We are premium service. For best performance.

For different users

We have different products for students, for educators, for universities and for non-academic users, like business, bloggers, news websites etc. Different needs – customized user interface and functions which are available for customisation.

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